What We Do.

At DEC, we help properties develop attractive value propositions by creating strategic business development plans. For brands, we deliver compelling content, activation & engagement opportunities, hospitality, and promotions that are meaningful to your brand's needs. Fully understanding your target market represents half the battle: drilling down deeper into the segment allows us to fully comprehend the type of partnership that is right for your brand. We focus on partnering in areas where your key demographic wants to engage with your brand and ultimately drive sales and loyalty. We will work with your brand management team and your agency to ensure you achieve the desired return.

Pick Your Target.

We work hard to learn about your brand and strategically recommend the right property and executional tactics to achieve your desired results. At DEC, we also deliver unique content that matters to your customers. The following content opportunities provides you with insight on a few properties available in Canada right now.

  • At DEC we don't compete with agencies, we complement them. We provide solutions for brands seeking experiential opportunities that are relevant to and resonate brilliantly with their target demographic.
    DEC Sports & Entertainment
  • Higher rights fees, too much clutter and lack of budget for activation is driving brands to look to niche properties to make their sponsorship standout and achieve their desired ROI/O.
    Think Niche. Own Your Target.
  • Fully understanding your target market represents half the battle. Drilling down deeper into the segment allows us to understand where they play and what makes them feel good.
    Peter Cosentino
  • At DEC, we provide your brand with ownable, authentic partnerships that positively reflect your key brand pillars. Lower rights fees, less clutter, more budget to activate.

Powering DEC.

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