Lexus Canada Signs Multi Year Agreement with Cycling Canada.

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Matching Brands with Properties


Today, DEC Sports & Entertainment is proud to announce Lexus Canada as another Tier One Partner to the stable of Cycling Canada. This multi-year partnership represents the desire for a brand to engage with its target demographic through a meaningful marketing and sales roll out. The partnership includes: exclusive and custom hosting opportunities; strategic branding; and an insightful digital strategy based on design and performance that parallels both brand and property.


Cycling Canada is one of those up and coming properties that continues to demonstrate excellence within multiple disciplines as they prepare for the Olympic Games this summer. To compound the pursuit of excellence, more and more Canadians are riding their bicycles both recreationally, competitively and as a means to travel to and from their work place.


Cycling in Canada has a truly segmented marketing mix. The affluent road, track and cyclocross segment are investing significant dollars on their bikes and taking training vacations that provide memorable experiences for themselves personally an for their clients. Our new partnership between Lexus Canada and Cycling Canada captures some of these special moments but this time with national team athletes and legends of our sport. Through Cycling Canada and its associated events, Lexus will be introduced to passionate cycling enthusiasts at some of Canada’s top Gran Fondos and cycling events. You may have heard the phrase “Cycling is the new golf”. This really means that Cycling successfully provides effective networking opportunities for mid-level to senior executives around rides, events and social engagements.


You will also notice Lexus Canada branding on every national team kit at World Championships as well as at the prestigious Grands Prix Cyclistes in Quebec City and Montreal as well as at the Tour of Alberta. Additional branding will be noticed at Road and Track National Championships along with multiple Lexus vehicles supporting each event.


The Cycling Canada digital campaign along with Lexus Canada is already in preproduction and you will be able to see the first segment in the coming weeks.


This partnership was a dance between the good people at Desperado Marketing, DEC Sports & Entertainment and our property Cycling Canada. Critical to the successful outcome is to work with good and trustworthy people. We are proud to be associated with the team at Desperado Marketing and Cycling Canada and we thank them for working hard with us behind the scenes.


For more information on how your brand can leverage the partnership benefits Cycling Canada has to offer, please feel free to contact me at or 416 937 8656.


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