Canada Snowboard.

The Winter sports property scene in Canada tends to aggregate around hockey – while it’s identifiable, it’s also safe and cluttered. If your brand is looking for a point of differentiation in 2020, snowboarding offers an exhilarating marketing alternative to reach your target and deliver ROI.

When you partner with Canada Snowboard you are part of the team: from grassroots programs to National Tours and Championships to World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Winter Games. And that team is a world powerhouse earning over 30 Olympic, X-Games, World Cup and World Championship medals during the 2017/18 season, including one Gold, two Silver and one Bronze Olympic medals. That success on the world stage is translating to snowboarding’s increased presence and impact in Canada, on and away from the hills.

Canada Snowboard is a strategic marketing platform with which brands can connect with Canada’s highly sought after millennial consumer. National Tours, individual events, influencer and grassroots programs present a multitude of opportunities with which sponsors can engage consumers on and off-site through comprehensive, customized programs.


Canada Snowboard Properties Fast Facts

1.5 million snowboarders in Canada

7 millions Fans of Snowboarding in Canada

More than 3000 competitive athletes, 100 volunteers and 40 coaches

36,500 social media followers

65,000 website visitors

5,000 newsletter subscribers

Snowboard fans are twice as likely to purchase a Canada Snowboard sponsor product.


The Market

Canada’s Snowboard market is niche but mighty. Over indexing on millennials, snowboarders are comprised of 1.4 million participants and 4.6 million who view the sport on TV. They are sponsor-loyal, early adopter, socially active millennials:

76% of 18-34 yr old Canadian snowboard fans are very/somewhat loyal to their sport’s sponsors (vs 55% general 18-34 yrs. population)

84% of 18-34 yr old Canadian snowboard fans are very/somewhat likely to consider a company’s brand when they sponsor a sport they follow (vs. 61% of general 18-34 yrs. population)

95% of Snowboard fans are active on social media with Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat being their preferred platforms (in order of activity)

58% are 18-34 years old with the average age of 27-28 yrs,

The next largest group is the 12-17 yrs at 24%

Skew male at 57%; females represent a growing segment (this is different than what appears in the deck – 67%)


Sponsorship Opportunities

Snowboard Canada can create an exciting, target-relevant sponsorship programs that deliver against brands’ individual marketing objectives to generate ROI. Bring your brand along for the ride.

Meaningful impressions – on-site, broadcast, digital and social media, advertising

Exciting and refreshed and customized digital content

Onsite activations and sampling

Database building and outreach

Retail activations


VIP hospitality

Money-can’t-buy experiences

One-on-one marketing


Property Roster

National Team

Team uniforms and equipment

Athlete appearances

Olympic Games

Digital story telling


Air Nation Freestyle Tour  – 2020 Dates

  • January 14-16, Sun Peaks BC
  • Feb 12-14, Mont Tremblant, Québec
  • Feb 18-20, Maximise, Québec
  • Feb 23-25, Moonstone, Ontario
  • March 10-16, COP, Calgary Alberta

Speed Nation Alpine Tour – 2020 Dates

  • PGS January 11-12, Mont Tremblant, Québec
  • SBX January 29-31, Big White, BC
  • SBX March 4-6, Beaver, Ontario
  • PGS February,  Ontario (date and location TBC)
  • SBX March 11-13, Mont Original, Québec
  • PGS March 2-5, Blue Mountain – National Championships
  • SBX Nationals March 18-20, Big White, BC


Shred Hookups

3,000 members – up-and-coming shredders

Key influencers, future national team members


Big White 2020 World Para Snowboard Championships

Banked Slalom and Slingshot SBX competitions

February 2020 (date TBC)

Big White, BC


Canada Snowboard’s Grassroots Properties Super From Series

 CS Riders and Super Grom Series

  • Confidence-building, skills-oriented introduction to the sport of competitive snowboarding.
  • Aged 10 – 14 years
  • Program: 35+ resorts, 400+ participants
  • Events: 50+ events, 30 participants/event
Super Grom Series 2020 – locations and dates TBC.
  • Grom Mini Race – January 29, Winsport COP, Calgary AB
  • BC Super From February 17, Mt Seymour BC
  • Grom Mini Slope Februari 26, Winsport COP, Calgary AB
  • NS Super Grom March 2, Martock, NS
  • Ontario Super Grom, March 9, Toronto Ski Club, Ontario

Women’s Snowboard Federation

  • WSF’s mission is to give all women in Canada the opportunity to develop as snowboard athletes, coaches or technical leaders. To this end, WSF Program focuses on the progression and promotion of female riders through a variety of training sessions, events, camps and technical development opportunities
  • 10+ events across Canada
  • 5+ acrobatic/training camps
  • Park Days All Girls Empowered Camp Tour – national program for girls aged 10+ years
  • Fastest growing snowboard segment in Canada

Burton Riglet PE Snowboarding Program

  • Introduces children across Canada to snowboarding as fun fitness through elementary school physical education programming
  • Programming consists of both in-school and on-snow events

 Para-Snowboard Program

  • In partnership with the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing, Canada Snowboard has created the Para-Snowboard program to provide athletes with a disability to experience competitive snowboarding from grassroots to the national level
  • Programs span grassroots to National Team opportunities

Aboriginal Snowboard Program

  • A national partnership between Canada Snowboard and the First Nations Snowboard Association to develop snowboard programming to benefit Aboriginal children and youth in Canada and grow Aboriginal participation and competition in the all levels of the sport
  • Grassroots camps, competitions, coach training, bursaries for potential leaders