Red Bull Crashed Ice – Ottawa – March 4, 2017.

RED BULL CRASHED ICE is tactical and demanding. Fast and furious. It’s a global-mass appeal property for participants, spectators and media alike. Already in its 15th year, it remains a modern sport phenomenon.



A 15-year young and modern sport celebrating Canada’s 150th

421,000,000 media contacts

30,400,400€ media value

3,162 published items

872 number of media

5 live broadcasts on 10 channels

7 highlight magazines on 10 channels

388 hours of broadcasted news

295,000 spectators (total)

75,600 Facebook fans and

30,832,000 impressions

5,900 Twitter and 1540 Instagram followers

1,270,000 website visits, 3,260,000 pages views and 574,000 new visitors

2539 online news articles and 984 outlets


Sponsorship Opportunities

Align your brand with exceptional story telling and brand affiliation.

On-course signage for excellent TV, Media and crowd exposure

On-site activation (sampling, promotion, product placement)

Product integration (i.e. athlete shuttle, F&B etc.)

Ad on giant screens

After Burner (Big Party)

Ice club corporate zone (hosting)