Spirit North.

Spirit North is a national charitable organization committed to improving the health and well-being of Indigenous children and youth –  CANADA’S SINGLE MOST AT-RISK POPULATION.

We use the transformative power of sport and play to engage, inspire and educate.  Since 2009, Spirit North has operated cross-country ski programs free of charge in native communities to Indigenous youth of all ages and abilities.  Spirit North currently delivers programs to over 6,000 Indigenous youth in 57 communities and 77 schools across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario and is growing every year.

Spirit North recognizes the importance of collaboration and community engagement to achieve sustainability.  Working diligently in partnership with communities, we train and certify community leaders and coaches, supply and support equipment ownership, bridge resources and develop parameters for success.

The founder and CEO of Spirit North is Beckie Scott, Olympic gold medalist and an Officer of the Order of Canada.


Partnership Opportunities:

We want to partner with corporations who share the values of truth & reconciliation and believe in providing financial support to help those most disadvantaged.  In return, we are willing to share our voice and our platform with corporate partners so that they may communicate their commitment to doing the right thing to their customers and employees.


  • As an Official Partner of Spirit North, we will customize a package to fit your objectives
  • Rights to be offered include Official Partner status, Title or Presenting Partner designation of an owned program (i.e. provincial title, presenter of a festival event or new programming specific to partner brand/category) and use of pre-approved Spirit North visual and promotional materials for commercial purposes
  • Media assets include partner recognition in program collateral materials and dedicated PR efforts. Online and digital brand presence on the Spirit North website, e-newsletter and dedicated social media posts promoting Spirit North partnerships are also offered.  Beckie Scott frequently participates in digital content shareable on a brand’s owned channels.
  • At every Spirit North event, a dedicated signage package (banners, flags, etc) is displayed


All of our partnerships purposefully promote, encourage and facilitate employee engagement – staff and executive participation in special events, community days and other Spirit North activities.  Nothing has the effect on hearts and minds like making an impact in a child’s life, especially in Indigenous communities where the need is very real.

We acknowledge that we are not your traditional non-profit partnership opportunity.  We deliver programs to impact the lives of kids who face a myriad of societal and socio-economic challenges.  That ladders way up…

  • To their friends and families
  • To their community members and leaders
  • To everyone who believes in supporting the most vulnerable victims of a troubled history
  • To everyone who believes this isn’t someone else’s problem