Surf Canada.

Officially, we’re the new Olympic and PanAm sport on the Canadian scene. Known as Surf Canada, we’re the National Sport Federation for Surfing, Adaptive Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) in Canada. With Surfing being named a new sport for the 2020 Summer Olympics and beyond, worldwide attention on the sport has never been higher and is expected to raise the Olympic Games profile amongst millennials. Surfing however, has never been simply just a sport, its part of a much broader Surfing Life. 

Nature is intrinsic to surfing, as we are 100% dependent on natural forces where wind, water and land dynamically convene into waves. This dependence on the natural world influences each and every strand of our DNA, inextricable woven into every aspect and decision of our lives; it determines where we live, the careers we have, the food we eat, cars we buy, the clothes we wear, the relationships we are in, and how we see the World and how we fit in it. Surfing has developed a healthy and vibrant culture and language based on our common passion and those distinctive values that sustain it. As the root for all boardsports, Surfing drives fashion, health, travel, and music because of how authentically fun it is… what we call Stoke. Now recognized as an official Olympic sport, we are truly only at the beginning of the next exciting chapter 


Increase our domestic and international profile by qualifying for the Olympic Games, flip the script, and win a medal to change the way people use approach the world – live like a surfer and live in harmony with our fragile planet.


The Mission of SURF CANADA is to provide a Surfer and SUP run competitive platform for Canadian athletes competitive success, foster a positive image of competitive Surfing and SUP in Canada, and to provide the best possible experience for all participants by encouraging, developing, advancing, and administrating the sport, while producing champions. Top athletes feed into the National Championships from the 3 SURF CANADA Conferences: Western, Great Lakes, and Eastern.


Protecting, Understanding & Respecting the Environment 

PURE (Protecting, Understanding, and Respecting the Environment) is Surf Canada’s effort to defend our oceans. 

PURE is an action-oriented campaign spearheaded by Surf Canada. Partnering with like-minded organizations with similar values and goals, our intent is to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate the efforts of individuals, families, communities, companies, and businesses across Canada. With the longest coastline in the world, and the cleanest lakes and rivers coast to coast, the impact of the program has the potential to be profound. 

Using Surf Canada’s ability to communicate authentically in unique ways, we will share stories from across Canada about partners, scientists, athletes, recreational surfers, kids, activists, fans, sponsors, community groups, and families to build a community and inspire participation. 

In its first initiative, PURE is entering into a unique partnership with the University of Victoria; one of Canada’s leading Earth science centers, to fund critical research into ocean health. 

A Partnership Like No Other

We understand and engage with millennials each and every day across Canada. This powerful, growing and highly influential audience is different from previous generations and we communicate with them in a voice that is both authentic and highly aspirational.

We have, unquestionably, the best surfers and SUP’ers competing at our National events, providing star power and leadership positioning to our partners.

We are creators each and every day. We produce and control all of our content and have 30 years of archives to use in building compelling stories with/for our partners.

We are a gateway to one of the most healthy, active, and desirable lifestyles on the planet. 

We are in a growth business. Fortune estimates by 2017 the global surf industry will generate more than $13 billion. Worldwide participation is growing by +30 percent annually.

We are stewards of the environment. Our playing fields are the world’s oceans and, as such, we have a platform and responsibility to take care of these precious resources.

Our reach is regional/national/local. With activities, events and broadcast platforms we can tailor a program to the geography that suits your brand needs.

We are marketers, who seek to collaborate with brands on programming that achieves measurable objectives and leaves the world a better place.

We like to have some fun along the way. Don’t get us wrong, we are serious about our business and yours but if we can’t get our stoke on every once in awhile we are doing something wrong.


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